Starting the Development of Your Website: What to Consider First

Having a website is a must for almost every business even if it is just a small bistro with an audience of several dozens of people. Websites show your solid position on the market, they help to scale the business up, find partners and expand the audience. So, if you decide to get a website for your business, what will you start with?

Any ideas? If still not, we offer you a simple guide on how to start the development of a website for your business. Here are 6 main things to consider in advance.

Choosing the Type of the Website

What type of website do you need? There are several of them but the most popular for business goals are as follows:

  • An e-commerce site that is an analog of an offline store with a full-fledged selling function.
  • A landing page is a one-page site to sell a couple of products or services or just inform your audience about something.
  • A corporate/enterprise site that has lots of pages devoted to enclosing your company’s essence and besides, selling your products too.
  • A blog or informational site that only provides information.    

So, choosing the type is your #1 step in website development.

Do You Have a Clear Idea or USP?

To make your site work for your profit, you need to consider what is its idea and what unique selling proposition you have. That is what will impact the whole website development process and the choice of tools and technologies for its creation. Decide on the idea, the audience, and the offer your website will translate to it. All this will help developers to achieve great results for you.

Choosing a Contractor: Whom to Hire

Who will work on your website’s development? You can try your hand at this if you have some skills and knowledge using free site constructors. But if you need to get a result faster and with more functions applied, it is better to engage professional web developers. For example, you can get all kinds of services for business website development in SmartProvide. Just apply for their services and your website will be a step closer to its readiness.

The Development of a Draft

When you choose a contractor, you should provide him with a draft. Indicate all the functions that you want for your website, its specifics, and your requirements for design and mobile integration. The more specified features you indicate, the easier it will be for developers to select technologies and provide you with the result you expect for.

Do Not Forget About Content and SEO!

Besides the technical part of your website development, you need to fill it in with content. Decide what pages you want to get and what information to place on them. And then delegate the work to professional marketers and SEO pros. They will do their best to make your site interesting for the audience and relevant for search engines.

Budgets and Terms: How They Are Coincident

The budget matters! So, better compare quotes of several development teams and the terms that promise to do all the work within. Choose the best combo of these two parameters.


The development of your website is not as easy as just catching an idea. It requires, first of all, choosing a reliable developer who will perform all the tasks according to your draft and requirements. So, start with doing these 6 stages to guarantee that your website will be a really working tool for your business goals.

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