What are Google Guaranteed Local Services Ads? And how is it different from Google Ads search advertising?

Local advertising of services based on the service is suitable for Google Guaranteed not only for the moving business, but also for most local services: appliance repair, carpet cleaning, cleaning services, electricians, event organizations, interior design, gardening and lawn care, window repair and much more different services.

If your company has been approved for a Google Business Profile after the full verification process and you have received the Google Guaranteed badge, you can take advantage of a fairly effective method of promoting local services in the US market.

Google Guaranteed Local Services Advertising is a pay-per-lead platform rather than regular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Although they are different, both are Google specific and appear in the search propositions.

Another difference between pay per lead and pay per click is what you pay for. With PPC advertising, you pay Google to send traffic to your website. But advertising local services through the Google Guaranteed service requires payment specifically for verified potential customers.

Advertisements for local services marked Google Guaranteed show potential customers the company’s phone number right in the search results. Instead of visiting your website, Google will give them information so they can make a decision on the results page.

Local service ad snippets include phone numbers, business days/hours, customer reviews, and service area.

When comparing local service advertising and Google Ads search, it is important to understand that they are not mutually exclusive, but complementary and help promote your business to a large audience.

If you have a moving business or have created a company providing services in the field of Appliance repair, do not miss the opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Advertising of local services is displayed above the search results, this allows you to attract the attention of potential customers even before they visit your competitor’s website.

Companies get great benefit by investing into local advertising through Google Guaranteed functionality.

Here are some benefits for your business:Available leads:

  • Available leads: In highly competitive US market niches, it is often more cost-effective to invest in local services pay-per-lead advertising than pay-per-click advertising. Leave a request and the SmartProvide team will make a free forecast of the optimal advertising budget for your business. Our specialist will advise on what types of advertising will be most effective, taking into account your niche and geography of operation.
  • Google Guaranteed Badge: The Guaranteed Badge for advertising local services increases the loyalty of potential customers to your business. The Google Guaranteed icon indicates that you have passed profile verification and have a complete package of documents. But don’t forget to work with reviews, since profile rating directly affects conversion and audience trust.
  • High visibility in search systems: ads for local services marked Google Guaranteed are shown at the top of Google results on both mobile and desktop. In fact, they take up the entire screen until you scroll down and get to other results. This high visibility makes local service advertising the best option for businesses that want to increase leads and sales.
  • Verified Leads: You only need to pay Google per lead if it is a real prospect. Otherwise, you can refuse payment or receive compensation from Google by providing a recording of the call. This will help you manage your advertising costs and improve your return on investment (ROMI).

Google Guaranteed advertising is an effective tool for attracting customers. However, as with any service, it is not suitable for all types of businesses.

Google Guaranteed has a number of benefits, such as increased customer trust and increased business visibility in search results. However, it is worth remembering that it also comes with additional financial costs.

Before deciding to join a service, it is important to carefully set up your business profile in Local Services. To do this, you need to create sections and fill them with information about your company. You can create a profile yourself or delegate this task to us, as SmartProvide provides a turnkey Google My Business (GMB) profile creation and verification service. 

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