Professional 24/7 dispatch support

We provide a dedicated dispatcher and 24/7 support to guarantee the highest paying loads for all the drivers we are working with.

We charge from 3% of gross

We know driving is not easy, that’s why offer our clients cooperation on a fair rate basis without hidden fees.

Rate negotiation included

Smart Provide team negotiates with brokers and shippers and makes effort to get the best freight with the highest price for our clients.

Truck dispatching

Delegate to Smart Provide company such tasks as truck driver dispatch and administration tend to get the opportunity to scale and grow your business. We provide  high-quality and best-paying loads.

Billing & Document Management

Our team takes care of everything and ensures that drivers do not need to worry or stress about anything relating to accounting, invoicing or billing. It’s a completely hands-off process for our drivers.

Factoring service

Truck factoring service — also known as freight factoring — allows carriers and owner-operators to turn unpaid invoices into cash. A third-party freight factoring company for trucking will effectively buy those outstanding accounts.

Rate negotiation 

Smart Provide expert negotiation service, you get more for every mile.
You take care of the driving; we take care of the rest. Our aim is to secure a great truck driver hourly rate without the stress and anxiety.

Delegate truck dispatching to increase your income

Smart Provide Dispatching provides professional dispatch services for owner-operators and carriers for competitive prices. We’re taking care of your trucking business, and we’re committed to growing it by offering you the best truck freight rates. We operate on the principle that every side of long-term freight service should be optimized for excellence.

We know our clients not just as names and numbers on a shipping manifest. Our dispatchers understand that the needs of the driver and company are unique and give special attention and priority to all the clients we are working with.
This means you can focus on your driving and on supplying the very best service possible without any additional worry.

Increasingly, logistics relies upon swift turnarounds and real-time communication. Our professional dispatchers can provide this and then some, giving you the kind of foundation you need to get the job done in the right way. You will enjoy working with SmartProvide team, who works to iron out frustrations and to get you on the way sooner rather than later.

Dispatching helps you to get the best from your business both in the short and long term. You will quickly be able to ascertain the demand for your services and plan your scaling and growth accordingly.
Reach out to our team today and get a quote or discover more about how our dispatch services go above and beyond your requirements.

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