SMARTPROVIDE LLC is a trucking carrier company

If you are looking for a job as an operator-owner and you have a Cargo/Sprinter van or Box Truck, our company will pick up the cargo for you at the best rate!

Professional 24/7 dispatch support

We provide a dedicated dispatcher and 24/7 support to guarantee the highest paying loads for all the drivers we are working with.

Rate negotiation included

Smart Provide team negotiates with brokers and shippers and makes effort to get the best freight with the highest price for our clients.


We support new owners-operators at each setup step and help you to assemble a package of customization documents in our company.


Our company receives payment by adding a percentage to the tariff requested by the owner-operator. This means that our customers receive the payment requested for a particular shipment.


Our customers receive payment every week on Friday. We use customer-friendly payment method and make payments without delay.


Our dispatchers are fit to each owner-operator taking into account preferences such as distance to the fence and delivery, desired location, used tariffs.

Why is it imporatnt to have a logistics company

for owner-operators?

Logistics company is an organization which provides services to ease up the process of trucking business, especially working with brockers/warehouses and looking for loads.

SMARTPROVIDE tries to minimize the set of responsibilities of owner-operators, so that they can focus on only delivering the load. the company selects loads that meet the requirements of drivers, taking into account the distance of delivery, the components of the truck, the experience of the driver, which is a very time-consuming process. Also, after confirming the delivery of the cargo, brokers require monitoring the condition and location of the truck, which is also done by the logistics company.

It is difficult for beginners and experienced drivers in the field of tracking to find cargo and negotiate with brokers, and the logistics company acts as an intermediary that takes responsibility for the safety of cargo during delivery, which is one of the main components for delivery approval. Also, identifying the most profitable loads requires vast experience in the field of dispatching, which our dispatchers possess.

Also, during the delivery, a number of problems arise, such as a vehicle breakdown or customs problems, the solution of which passes into the hands of the logistics company. Thus, it will be easier and more profitable for drivers cooperating with a logistics company than those who work on their own.

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