About the target easily and simply

Let’s start with the fact that advertising will be more effective when it is shown to a potential client, and not to everyone. You can run targeted advertising  on: Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

During the creation of an advertising campaign, a Smartprovide specialist sets the necessary settings for the audience.  For example, he selects age “from 30 to 45”, gender, geolocation “Boston, Chicago”, interests like “moving”, etc. As a result, advertising is shown to those users who correspond to the target audience.

If you collect an accurate portrait of the target audience, you can minimize the waste of your budget on non-target audiences and reach those users who are interested in receiving your services.

Next, we will give you examples of targeted advertising formats that are now popular in social networks.

Carousel – this format is best suited for online stores; it helps sellers show several product cards in one ad.

Stories are what your target leads will see in their stories, your offers for them.

Desktop formats – the client can see this type of advertising if he logs in from a computer. On Facebook, for example, ads are available in the form of photos, videos, etc.

Lead Ads allows you to collect target customers by redirecting them to a form where they can leave their contacts and information about themselves.

Why should you choose to launch a target from Smartprovide:

  • Quick launch of advertising;
  • Personalized settings specifically for your business;
  • Monthly reporting on work done;
  • Accessibility for small businesses;
  • Retargeting capabilities;
  • Measurable results and clear numbers for reporting.

Before launching an advertising campaign, we set the following goals for our clients, for example:

  • obtaining leads, increasing the number of visitors to the website;
  • growth in the number of subscribers on social networks;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • increase in sales of goods and services on the website, etc.
  • The goals themselves will depend on the terms of reference.

To find out which type of advertising is right for you and what goals are best to set for your business, write to us and get a free consultation.

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