Top common mistakes in the development of the company logo

Creating the right logo is not as easy as it may seem! Designing a logo is a complex and multi-step process! It begins with sketches of the general appearance of the logo, work on geometry and the shape of the logo. Next – the most important – is the search for a key idea that should reflect the logo. And only then the font selection for logo, illustrations, color gamut logo, etc.

Anyone who has ever come across the design of a logo knows that every decision here will affect the end result. Your logo is your calling card, your chance to make a vivid impression on your client. So it’s very important that we don’t make mistakes so that the work doesn’t go to waste.

SmartProvide company will tell you about the most common mistakes in logo development.

1. Too complicated design:

The complexity of the design and the large number of details make the logo difficult to perceive, in addition, such details are difficult to see with the small size of the logo and they are lost.

Creative intelligence is everything! For example, companies like Nike and Apple have very simple and easily recognizable logos. And no matter what size they are, this image will be well viewed anyway!

2. Plain Logo:

The design elements of the logo, which are not related to a common idea and do not reflect the essence of the activity and positioning of the company – is a meaningless set of letters and pictures carrying no information.

Creating a logo is like creating a business card, only for the company, not for an individual. Therefore, the logo must contain basic information and «coordinates» of the company.

3. Oversaturated logo fashion trends:

Every fashion trend popular today (swooshes, glows or bevels), tomorrow is already irrelevant and turns into a cliché. Over time, such a logo will become irrelevant and not unique, and your task is to create a unique logo that would identify your company’s originality for many years.

4. Use of raster images in logo

The use of raster images is very difficult when it is necessary to put on the handles, T-shirts and other merch companies. Using alternative – vector images, you can easily scale the logo to any size without losing image quality, as well as simplify the process of editing and further work with the logo.

5. Borrowing elements of foreign logos:

Using prefabricated elements of logos, you expose yourself and violate copyright. Anyone who needs a logo can borrow the ready-made elements, and your main task is to make the logo unique and «one-of-a-kind»!

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Advantages of working with us:

  • unique and memorable logo;
  • No problems with reproduction (copying);
  • the relevance of the logo even after many years.
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