Landing Page as Sales Tool: How to Make It Effective

Landing Page as Sales Tool: How to Make It Effective

You have probably faced the situation when you click on an ad and get to a small website that offers you to purchase something. It doesn’t look like a real e-commerce project, yet you can buy the product on it without any hassle. Meet and greet, that is a landing page! Today, it is considered to be one of the most popular and effective sales tools. Let’s get a bit deeper into the matter of what is a landing page and how you can use it with maximum success for your sales levels.

What Is Landing Page and Why It Works Great for Sales

The main feature that differentiates a landing page from an e-commerce site is its intention. While you can get several products of ever hundreds of titles available on the web store, landing focuses on one or at least several products.

For example, you can visit a landing page that is devoted to some special offers from a company that provides travelling tours. Thus, a landing page focuses on something limited or exclusive. But that’s not all. Do you know that landing pages are not always developed for a pure sales increase only? There are several reasons to use landing pages for businesses.

  • Selling a seasonal product or something with a limited amount.
  • Collecting potential customers’ databases. Sometimes, landing pages are intended just to get some data from users that visit them.
  • Providing customers with bonuses or promo offers. While a customer visits landing, they provide a business owner with their emails, for     example, and in return, get bonuses (discounts or gifts, or     something like that.)

So, saying simply, landing pages could be used both for sales increase for some products, or for expanding leads’ database, an increase of their loyalty, and collecting useful stats for your marketing strategy.

Samples of Effective Landing Pages to Use

What makes landing pages effective? There are some examples we’ve collected to clarify that question.

Landing pages are used for lead generation. To work properly, they should engage a visitor from the very start. For this, the following elements and tips can be used.

  • Attractive headings that show the importance and the value of a landing page for a user. When you impact the opinion of a user by them in the     first few seconds, you gain success.
  • Highlighted audience. Even if you adjust your ads campaign for a certain audience, do not forget to mention it on the landing page.    
  • CTA (aka call-to-action). Appeal to the audience clearly to show it what you want from it and engage to do this.
  • Interesting and persuasive content. Use professional services for creating content that will be attractive and informative. For example, SmartProvide’s copywriters and SEO pros will help you to choose the right words.
  • By the way, SEO is also a must for landing to make it visible for users on search engines.

Summarizing all this, a landing page can sell your product, generate leads, and make them interested in you. Adhering to the rule of one landing page for one offer and one audience, you can achieve great results. And when you engage specialists to make it attractive and informative at its most, the effect will be even greater. 

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