Smart Provide held a Mega cool corporate party

Annually on a New Year’s Eve, SmartProvide throws a bright themed party. This year was not an easy one, but we decided not to break the tradition. Our entire team gathered in the office and spent a sincere evening in the pajama party format. Cozy and family friendly.

By the way, have you ever heard of the annual Secret Santa Christmas game? This is a cool form of team building. We have been practicing anonymous gift exchange during the New Year’s corporate party for 5 years.
The “Secret Santa” game is not only exciting, but also helps to get a pleasant surprise. Try it!

Now it’s fashionable to summurize the results of the year.

In 2022, a full-scale war began in our country, which changed each of us, changed needs, values and priorities. But difficulties only inspire for hard work and great improvement! We managed to adaptate for new realities and keep a high level of the service despite to the power disruption in the country and massive shelling.

SmartProvide team hasn’t stopped their work for a single day! This year we made our office completely autonomous by connecting a backup power system, including: generators, power stabilizers, uninterruptible power supplies and Starlink.

We have not only maintained our position in the US market, but have established ourselves as a reliable partner and expanded our team of specialists.

The New Year is a good occasion to start a new life, fulfill your dreams, set new goals and achieve success! We have already laid the foundation for it. Thanks to the joint efforts this year proved to be productive and our company showed excellent results!

Happy New Year! Let the most daring ideas and initiatives become a reality. Believe in yourself and the people around you – this is how we will conquer the highest peaks!

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