How not to be afraid to delegate tasks to outsourcing

Outsourcing helps save the company’s resources on finding employees and training the team – this becomes more relevant during a crisis.

Outsourcing is the delegation of some non-core business tasks to third-party companies. For example, dentistry may not hire a marketing specialist on staff, but rather a marketing agency that will take on all the tasks of promoting the brand and attracting new clients. You can outsource any tasks: accounting, IT, HR, marketing and even sales. Managers and business owners often prefer outsourcing companies to an in-house team for the following reasons: cost optimization and abandonment of outdated solutions.

According to global statistics, in 2024, more than 60% of American enterprises will outsource some of their tasks. Not only small and medium-sized businesses outsource their tasks, but also giants such as Google – the company delegates the development of some software and analytics.

Lifehacks that will help you work efficiently with an outsource team

Over six years of work, SmartProvide has come up with three life hacks that will help you communicate with your outsourced team, and we are ready to share them:

Lifehack #1. Determine who will communicate and where

The lack of communication channels and people responsible for communication leads to chaos, slow communication, and loss of information. If communication takes place in personal messages, chat, and email, then it is difficult for teams to keep track of all the adjustments and wishes.

That is why, when collaborating with our team, you communicate only with the team lead, the personal manager of your project.

Lifehack #2. Mark the points of control

The customer can and should control the performance of outsource specialists. Agree with the contractor on convenient intervals for meetings to discuss the results of the work. For example, we regularly hold video conferences to take into account all the customer’s wishes and, if necessary, adjust the work of the sales department. 

Lifehack #3. Choose a full-service company that already has experience in your business niche

An advantage of outsourced teams is experience in working with a large number of similar projects. The SmartProvide team can advise the customer on how to better organize control and analytics of business performance indicators, attract additional leads or optimize advertising costs.

SmartProvide is the optimal solution for organizing a professional sales department at minimal cost. We can even offer to work on the terms of a percentage of the work performed, that is, you pay only for the result. Interesting?

Leave a request and our manager will contact you to offer the optimal format for cooperation.

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