How to choose a marketing channel for a website’s promotion?

Every online business owner asks logical questions: how to bring more visitors to the website and convert them into customers? Which online marketing channel to choose and which one will be more effective?


The main task during SEO promotion is internal optimization (content, website loading speed, expanding landing pages for search queries, UX/UI convenience, and compliance with search engine requirements) and external optimization – working with fragments, behavioral factors, and backlinks to the website. The more quality website’s links you have to your resource, the greater the likelihood of gaining trust from search engines and being above competitors.


If we decode PPC, it is an advertising message displayed above the organic (SEO) search results and is marked as an advertisement. The cost per click is calculated by an auction method and depends on competitors’ bids. Roughly speaking, whoever places the highest bid per click will be displayed higher. The higher your ad is located, the more visitors you will get to your website.

There is also a type of advertising in Google Ads called Google Shopping, or product advertising, which is ideal for the eCommerce segment. In this case, ads look like products with prices.

The main advantage of contextual advertising is the speed of launching an advertising campaign. Literally, within a day, you can gather keywords that you want to promote your website, write ads, top up your account, and Google will start showing the ads.

Advertising via social media.

In this case, advertising takes the form of ad blocks in the news feed, Instagram stories, and even on Facebook’s Messenger. Often, ads are indistinguishable from regular posts with images or videos, by clicking on which the user is directed to your website, page, or message.

When promoting on social media, special attention should be paid to the design of advertising posts or videos that can convey the novelty or uniqueness of your product.

Which channel to choose for a promotion?

It is fairly difficult to give a definite answer to this question. Initially, it would help if you determined the goals you want to achieve and within what timeframe. It is also necessary to assess competitors and market size and develop a marketing strategy.

If you have a complex and long-term business and you are ready to invest in its development, SmartProvide recommends using omnichannel marketing. Therefore, using all marketing channels, united by a single strategy and communication field, and as a consequence creating the maximum number of touchpoints with your customer.

Would you like to get a free evaluation of promoting your business?

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